Opinto-ohjaaja magazine

Opinto-ohjaaja is a professional and organisational magazine published in Finnish by SOPO four times a year. The magazine reports on what is happening in guidance counselling and includes, for example, association news, personal interviews, information about future events and reports on what the association has done.

Opinto-ohjaaja also presents new and interesting training courses and shares information about available training days and events.

The magazine serves as an info pack on everything relating to guidance counselling.

Opinto-ohjaaja is sent automatically to all members.

Media card 2020

Editor-in-chief: Jukka Eero Vuorinen | email: | jukka.vuorinen (at) uta.fi

Communications Officer / Sub-editor: Aki Tulikari | email: aki.tulikari (at) sopo.fi | tel.: +358 (0)40 766 6972

Printed by:

Esko Aaltosen katu 2
30100 FORSSA